JADE CHEN · Art Direction, Design, Illustration
TPE          PDX          NYC
A brand activation celebrating all the weird quirks that make our homes ours, through analog tactile mediums.
I illustrated the front and back of each postcard in Procreate.


Founders of Crate&Barrel

DIRECT MAIL — We invite you into Carole & Gordon’s home with a postcard direct mail execution. Each postcard highlights a Crate&Barrel product whose function is not immediately apparent (a wire cheese cutter, an ice cream spade, and a wooden pasta-drying rack). We all have objects, practices, and idiosyncracies in our homemaking not shared by our peers, and this execution seeks to highlight that.

DIGITAL CONNECTION — The QR codes on the postcards would lead to a brief explicatory addendum on the product page for each item titled “A Note from Carole”:

ACTIVATION — We turn Crate&Barrel stores into mailboxes where customers could reconnect with friends and acquaintances via snail mail. Customers could write and send postcards at these kiosks— the only catch being that postcards could only be delivered to Crate&Barrel stores in recipients’ cities. This ameliorates the “cross the threshold” challenge faced by brick-and-mortar establishments, boosting foot traffic.

Recipients would then pick up postcards sent to them at the checkout counter of their local store.

ACTIVATION — In the style of mid-2000s epistolary phenomenon PostSecret, Crate&Barrel would also collect anonymous confessions and secrets from homemakers. These postcards would be displayed prominently in in-store art installations:

Copywriter: Shay Franzen