JADE CHEN · Art Direction, Design, Illustration
TPE          PDX          NYC
An activation celebrating the alchemy of luxury.
Young Ones ADC Shortlist, 2024

ACTIVATION — The Lab — A Victorian greenhouse in the middle of a meadow of night-blooming flowers that’s only open after sundown. Outside of the greenhouse, guests pick their own flowers; inside the greenhouse, guests press and craft those flowers into bespoke perfumes. Libations are available at a cocktail bar within the greenhouse.

The Le Labo Arcana
The Black Bottle

PRINT DESIGN — Spellbook
In keeping with the themes of practical alchemy and nighttime magic, Le Labo would develop a spellbook of DIY salves and potions that guests can take home as a keepsake from the experience.

A sample cocktail menu and coasters. Note that the cocktails would all utilize the Le Labo naming convention: the topmost “note” or most dominant ingredient plus the total number of components.

Primarily focused on Instagram, this would give curious onlookers and casual Le Labo enthusiasts a peek into the proceedings at the Lab, and encourage them to participate in the activation’s next iteration.

Copywriter: Kyle Rayo
Strategist: Bryce Randall